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All you need is the TVersity Media Server (available for free on the TVersity website) running on a PC and ready to serve your personal media to your devices.

With the free version of TVersity running on your PC you will be able to view photos and play MP3, M4A and most MP4 files.

And the best part about TVersity is that if the media file isn't natively supported by the connecting device, then TVersity will automatically transcode the file for you in real-time so it plays without you having to convert the files manually.

Quite a lot of our guides, such as the PS3 H.264 Conversion Guide, already included instructions for TVersity.

Now click the Browse button that comes up and select a folder you want to share.

The picture beside this text came out quite dull when it was resized, so if you want to, click it and it will enlarge.

With the Pro version of TVersity running on your PC you will be able to play virtually any file format.

With super simple user-interface and ultra-fast navigation and search there is no easier way to play and view your entire media library.

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What it does essentially is allow the media files on your PC to be played back on devices such as the PS3 or the Xbox 360, while presenting an easy to navigate interface.It's becoming quite a pain to update each of these articles individually whenever TVersity changes, so I've decided to put all the instructions in this one tutorial and simply refer to this guide from those other guides.TVersity requires a connection to be made on your home network between the PC that you install TVersity on and the device that you wish to connect to the PC.It can even download content from the Internet and stream it to the console.Even if the Xbox 360 doesn't support your multimedia files or Internet feeds, TVersity will convert them to a supported format and stream them to the console at the exact same time.