Updating pointers visual studio

I can't even drag the file from the Windows Explorer if the file is from the same project that is loaded in the Visual Studio. Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Invoke No Protocol Added(String cmd Line) at Microsoft. Initialize(IText Buffer text Buffer, IDnx Command Invoker dnx Command Invoker) at Microsoft. Razor Code Generator..ctor(IText Buffer buffer, Version razor Version, String physical Path, String virtual Path) at Microsoft.

Well, it solved my issue at the time, and unfortunately I cannot remove this answer now since it is the accepted one. NET 5 RC1 (the current version) fixed the problem for me.

Microsoft's Visual Studio team blogged about a release candidate for Update 2 of its Visual Studio 2015 toolsuite.

As is usually the case with updates, this one features mainly "reliability and performance improvements," according to John Montgomery, Director of Program Management for Visual Studio, in a blog. There are a few new features being trotted out with this release for users to check out as they become more refined in future releases: Some of the more significant fixes includes crashes "due to null and/or invalid pointer reads" and just when opening a solution; errors when opening VS with ASP.

NET after installing Update 2 CTP; and performance issues within the C/C runitme library.

With that update, coincidentally there has also been an Update 2 RC for Team Foundation Server 2015, which has a sizable list of new features.

Updating pointers visual studio