Tegan dating lindsey byrnes

Professional photographer known primarily for her work in the music industry and with a variety of celebrities from Garrett Hedlund to twin sisters Tegan & Sara.Her work has also been published in magazines like Rolling Stone, Kerrang, and the Alternative Press.I would be super appreciative if you could donate to my Go Fund Me campaign, as I have been unable to work for over a month, and need to self fund all of my treatments.I love you all so much, and I can’t say thank you enough.How do you have a month off but not spend time with your girlfriend of 5 1/2 years?When Lindsey Byrnes said she was interested in contributing to After Ellen.com, we were thrilled.Through she'd always been interested in photography, even as a child, she didn't first begin to take it seriously until 2000 when her employer at the time, High Speed Productions, asked her to document events for a magazine. So as you may, or may not know, I have recently discovered I have a growth/abnormality on my right ovary that is having an incredibly negative affect on my life.

They’re Western Canadians by birth, but years ago Sara Quin headed east, to live in Montréal and New York, leaving the territory left of the Continental Divide to sister Tegan.Although the Quins hail from Canada, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005, they both live in the States--meaning they have a stake in, and an opinion on, the two potentially landmark cases currently facing the Supreme Court. Sara is a New York resident, where gay marriage is legal, but Tegan lives in Los Angeles, where for the moment at least, it's not.That could change, depending on how the court decides the case involving the California's Proposition 8.Maybe she had already met this woman and was having those thoughts, which is why she seemed sort of withdrawn. Fans have been speculating for over a month for other reasons.This is just kind of the concrete evidence some we're looking for.