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In Papua you can still find absolutely primitive cultures whose development ended in the Neolithic period (younger Stone Age).Most of these tribes live in the western part of the island, but surprisingly, new ones can be found in the most inaccessible parts of Papua New Guinea."Once they're suspected they're basically done for, they'll be tortured and maybe killed as well." One woman is reported to have died in the attack.

When we saw that for the first time we were completely astonished. And we could understand from that moment why they use so strange kotekas which are laden with resin to be heavier. When is our next „First Contact“ Expedition going to be organized? We have tried to reach the territory of this tribe already in 2004. We were not ready to carry all our equipment by ourselves and no native was willing to go with us to the area where the tribe Korowai Dalam lives. “ it was told to us by Korowai Batu in all the villages where we tried to persuade people to guide us on our trip to this fabulous tribe.Even the most detailed pilot maps of the island contain white places, which bear the following text: „Relief data incomplete“ or „We believed not exceed 5300 ft“. Is it possible to find people who have never seen a white man? These were the questions we were asking before our expedition, discussing, confirming and disconfirming.We planned to visit several areas in PNG, selecting one by one.Just as Papua is linguistically diverse, it is also an ecological and geographical wonder.From snowcapped peaks reaching heights of 13,000 feet, to steamy rain-soaked jungles, volcanically active islands and coral reefs with “more fish than water,” PNG is a virtual treasure trove of natural beauty waiting for the intrepid traveler.