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Tragic: Dan Gordon-Levitt, who shared an uncanny resemblance to his famous little brother Joseph, has passed away from an alleged drug overdose at 36A neighbour tells Radar Online, 'They ( Dan and his friends) had been partying, and we were woken up with the girl screaming.'She came running out to the front garden of their apartment and some people went out to help her.'The paramedics were called, but he was found dead surrounded by needles and syringes.'He had been living here on and off for the past few years, and he and his friends were not very popular to tell you the truth.'One time they set a car on fire infront of the building, and there was always groups of people coming and going from that apartment.'I'm sorry that he died, but I'm honestly not that surprised either.' Announcement: Joseph took to his Twitter page on Tuesday to share the news of his 'super hero' brother's tragic, sudden death The 29-year-old Inception star took to his Twitter page yesterday to share the tragic news.'My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010,' he tweeted.

“We really needed somebody with a sense of idealism to contrast with Gordon’s weariness.

I thought of Joe first and foremost.” [From GQ] GQ even notes the rumors that JGL is playing “Robin” to Christian Bale’s Batman, although I don’t really know if that’s on the level or not.

Anyway, you can read the full GQ piece here, and here are some highlights: Growing up, Joseph Gordon-Levitt admits he was “a sort of serious little dude—snobby,” and tells GQ’s Amy Wallace that he was dangerously at risk of becoming a “hopeless ivory-tower douchebag.” It was somewhat fitting that he played an old geezer trapped in a boy’s body on “3rd Rock From The Sun.” According to his ex-costar, John Lithgow, “he was a very mature boy—I remember him carrying on about the ecological damage that is done when people build new golf courses. They were, like, looking in their compact mirrors and s–t, and I thought that was evil.” JGL on how Hollywood is crumbling: “The entertainment business as it has been is not going to be around that much longer.

The way it’s going is, there’s going to be artists, and they’ll make their s–t, and they’ll connect to their audience, and you don’t need any of the middlemen—the studios or the agents.” JGL on how he hates Americans’ fawning over celebrity: “I really don’t like this notion that some people are more important than other people.