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Development on any relationships is difficult and requires a lot of everyday work and attention, so what can be said about long-distance relationships where people are separated by several thousand kilometers which can be a big hassle in their relationships.First of all, do not turn your relationships into too much virtual ones.

I recently discovered VK as a result of a series of emails notifying me that my account had been accessed in Russia, my password had been changed, I had never even heard of VK until this, and obviously never created an account there. I am curious about how many of their numerous user accounts are actually real, and how many are fake, like mine was. hopefully this will be the end of my experience with VK.

But with facebook expanding the last few years into multiple languages VK has declined.

VK was a platform for scammers to set up fake profiles to suck unsuspecting people into being ripped of in scams, namely dating.

The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with "Russian brides" is that we provide real dating services, all the women on our site are real, so you receive real letters from real women.

We do not sell emails or any other information about our clients.