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He turned heads wherever he went and pretended to not care about all those things with his cold yet mysterious demeanor that seemed to entice the women all the more.He was what every woman wanted and what every man wanted to be.—Which is why he couldn't understand her !Anyway, I might as well just post this seeing as how I already wasted my precious study time. : DWritten on: July 5, 2011Disclaimer: Naruto and all related characters rightfully belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

It resurfaced all this anxiety I had about my family’s safety and security,” Haider told The Huffington Post.

The epitome of tall, dark and handsome, he knew exactly how devilishly handsome he was, and thought that any girl would be lucky enough to even receive a glance from his direction.

He walked through the streets of Konoha as if it were his runway knowing full well that people were watching his every move.

But it did not quite go to plan.'It wasn't my thing at all,' she confessed.

'The four-wheeler actually tipped over at one point and the two of us fell headfirst into the mud.