Are mordecai and margaret dating

Two white lines are found on both of his wings with two thinner, black lines on each of his fingers and one stripe of each of his thumbs, and three tail feathers, each with two black stripes.Mordecai's legs are grey with black stripes across the width and two toes.N: Other then your animation influences, which you’ve spoken about before, you’ve mentioned being inspired by British shows like The Mighty Boosh and League of Gentleman.How did these definitely bizarre and pretty dark shows shape your comedic sensibilities on especially; when I watched all that stuff, I just thought it was hilarious to do dark jokes about a character getting killed or people doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing.Mordecai would often hang out with her, along with Rigby and Eileen Roberts, and made many attempts to try to start a relationship with her.The two finally begin to date in the fourth season until Margaret decides to leave for college, thus ending their relationship.Mordecai loves to play video games and is a better player than Rigby.He can sometimes become caught up in his emotions, often letting them get the better of him.

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Quintel) is a tall, thin, anthropomorphic blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at The Park.

In "Meteor Moves", Mordecai gets sent to the "friend zone" after failing to kiss Margaret several times because he is afraid it will screw the friendship up.

After being pressured by many people, Mordecai manages to kiss Margaret during the meteor shower.

For a list of the outfits and appearances Mordecai has had throughout the series, see Mordecai's Alternate Outfits When he was five or six years old, he had buck teeth, and didn't have the black stripes on his tail feathers or fingers.

As a baby, he still did not have the stripes on his tail feathers or fingers, and he only had one white stripe on each of his arms, as seen in "Terror Tales of the Park II", although his baby self was seen with stripes on his fingers in "Maxin' and Relaxin".

Are mordecai and margaret dating